Monday, September 24, 2012

IP pills

#Definition of a Patent

A patent is a legal document where everything attached mus be explained, it contains no judgments or opinions.

Typical structure of a patent is

----- Preamble

This is what you OWN!!

# Main criteria for a valid invention
  • NOVELTY: a part or the combination is nove l
  • OBVIOUSNESS: the invention produces unpredictable results
    or it was difficult to assemble
  • FIELD OF USE: change the field of use
Most rejected applications are on obviousness (75%) and novelty (25%), rebuttal is performed 9:10.----


----- Preamble

At least one step needs to be novel

Rejection is made upon: 

statue of the law 102(novelty): exists in one form 

statue of the law 103(Obviousness): 

# Exclusion from the field

Guy A patents a wagon (WA)
Guy B patents a red wagon (WA_red)

Guy A can used WA and WA_red
Guy B can only use WA_red and not WA

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